Hello, I’m Zespre from Taiwan. This is where I share my exploration on open-source software, especially on cloud-native things. As a software engineer, I mainly focus on streamlining the development process, from methodologies to implementations. Bringing value to customers and colleagues is the core vision that I believe in and trying to fulfill.

I was a sysadmin serving at CSCC in NCTU (now NYCU) while doing my master’s degree. My mission was to maintain a bunch of FreeBSD servers and various services running on top of them. What I gained the most is the experience of defining problem scopes and finding root causes in a short time.

Three years later I started my career at Information and Communications Research Laboratories, ITRI. I was dedicated to the development of a tool for bare-metal server provisioning, called BAMPI. Our client is one of the largest telecoms in Japan. It was a hard but interesting experience to deal with the requests from Japanese customers. After that, we noticed there was a need to manage the physical resource pool just like the cloud service providers do. People can request physical resources in terms of computing, networking, and storage, in a self-servicing way. So I designed and implemented a platform called PROP (Physical Resource Orchestration Platform), and it turned out to be a product of the company, which was renamed to ITRI HaaS (Hardware as a Service). This is the solution that unlocks cloud-like agility for your on-prem infrastructure. It’s suitable for all kinds of scales such as edges, enterprise cores, and even cloud data centers.

Cloud Service Models

Recently, I’m spending a lot of time playing around with cloud-native projects and figuring out how cloud-native technologies can aid bare-metal clouds in the era of 5G and edge computing.

You can reach me at <starbops at zespre dot com> or Twitter.

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